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URL List

Four children walking happy together- caption: All children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation

Our URL list is the most accurate way to protect your network from child sexual abuse imagery

The IWF URL List is a list of webpages where we’ve found images and videos of child sexual abuse. All IWF Members can use this list, so you can block access to these webpages while we’re working to have them removed from the internet.

Any internet service provider that wants to offer services to UK government departments or to be accredited as ‘Friendly Wifi’ needs to use our URL List to block access to webpages showing child sexual abuse.

How to use it 

  • Block access at network level: Use the list to block access to known webpages with child sexual abuse content at network level while we’re working to have them removed.

  • Include in filtering solutions: You can include our URL List in filtering solutions so you can protect your customers from accidentally accessing these pages.

  • Prevent indexing by search engines: Search providers can use the list to stop these pages from being indexed, so they don’t show up in search results.

Why choose the IWF URL List?

  • Updated twice daily: We update our URL List twice a day. We add new content as our analysts find it and remove the webpages from the list when the criminal content has been removed.
  • Quality assurance: Our analysts manually assess every webpage on the list – so you can be 100% confident in its content.
  • Global: We grade all images according to the UK Sentencing Council and categorise them to support international use.
  • Actively searching: We're the only hotline in the world that’s actively looking for images. So we’re finding more content than anyone else. We also carry out research to further develop our expertise.
  • Funding the solution: We're a not for profit organisation working to remove child sexual abuse content from the internet. Join a global network of industry partners to fund the solution.

Who can use it?

IWF Members can use our URL List under licence. Companies that will benefit include:

  • internet service providers
  • filtering providers
  • search providers
  • internet security providers
  • hosting service providers
  • hardware manufacturers.

Get in touch

To talk about how our URL List could help you, email or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

RDI Approved venue sticker"Friendly WiFi is the world’s first Safer Certification Standard designed to verify whether a business’ public Wi-Fi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites. ‘Friendly WiFi’ aims to keep children and young people safe from viewing inappropriate material when logged into public Wi-Fi offered in cafes, shops, hotels and restaurants across the UK.

RDI window stickerThe 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is available to any UK business providing public WiFi, who are committed to supporting the need for safeguarding online content. The 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is displayed by each business signed up to Friendly WiFi and appears either on their landing page as you sign into their public WiFi, or is visible on signage within the venue. Wherever this symbol is displayed on site or online, parents and young people can be assured that the business's displaying the symbol have the correct filters in place and their public WiFi service is safe to use."

Mike Davies, RDI (UK) Holdings Ltd

BT logo“BT has a long and strong relationship with the IWF and is committed to working with them to reduce online access to child sexual abuse materials in order to make the internet a safer place for all.”

Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive, BT

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