Trends and Data



Our Hotline Director Chris Hughes provides his reflections on a year of new developments in our Hotline, and Tamsin, our Hotline Manager, explains how the Hotline is organised into teams to combat online child sexual abuse.  

We’ve provided a detailed breakdown of our data and some analysis of not only the reports we’ve assessed, but also a unique image analysis of content that we’ve hashed this past year. 

We look at the ages and sexes of children in the images, as well as the techniques used to extort and create this imagery, such as self-generated’ child sexual abuse, sexually coerced extortion, and AI generated imagery.  

We’ve provided our most extensive analysis yet on geographical hosting of both URLs and domains 

And we’ve also published, again, the number of times we’ve identified imagery hosted in the UK alongside how long it takes to get this removed.  


Our two Datasets


This year we're able to provide analysis on two distinct datasets.

One is based on URLs (or webpages - what we call 'reports'), where we have recorded lots of information and intelligence such as whether this is a commercial webpage, and where in the world the content is hosted. These URLs will often show many individual images and videos.

The other dataset is based upon images and videos which we have assessed individually. We'll make it clear on each page which dataset we've used to provide the analysis.