Our work with Nominet

Innovative clustering technology


Thanks to support from Nominet, we’ve been able to develop new technology that helps analysts assess multiple child sexual abuse images in seconds, rather than hours, improving the efficiency with which we can take action against criminal content. 

Different images with the same victim can be identified from different parts of the internet and linked together, and rather than analysts having to assess one image, and then the same one again and again, they can assess a whole cluster.  

This innovative clustering tech means our Hotline can quickly assess and grade hundreds of criminal images and make swift decisions to help get them blocked and removed. 

We can assess criminal images in bulk, in the knowledge they depict child sexual abuse, without having to individually assess, sometimes, hundreds of images, saving us precious time and resources. 

Assessments based on clusters can be 112% faster than assessing individual images.  

We’re now able to process vast amounts of images swiftly, hash them (give them digital fingerprints) and quickly get them out to our industry Members to prevent the distribution of the images. 

Importantly, the new tech also reduces analysts’ exposure to having to see the same imagery multiple times.  

The Nominet grant has been crucial in transforming the way we work, helping us to make better, quicker decisions, remove more child sexual abuse imagery and make the internet safer. 

Nominet is a public benefit company, responsible for the .UK domain, which is a vital part of the internet infrastructure, supporting millions of businesses, organisations and individuals using .UK domains. It funds an ambitious social impact campaign that aims to tackle the challenge of growing up in a digital world, including countering online harm.