Charity of the Year

Thank you BDB Pitmans

BDB Pitmans sponsored running vests at the 2022 Cambridge Half Marathon.

IWF 2023 Charity of the Year

BDB Pitmans’ commitment to helping eliminate online child sexual abuse has made a lasting impact on both our organisations, aligning seamlessly with their work culture of ‘Building Better’. 

As we conclude our two-year journey together, IWF extends heartfelt thanks to the UK law firm for an extraordinary Charity of the Year partnership.  

Choosing IWF as their Charity of the Year demonstrated thoughtful consideration and dedication. The resonance of our cause with their employees, especially in our increasingly digital world, underscored the significance of safeguarding the vulnerable. 

Their approach to staff engagement, and support with a clear calendar of events, has fostered unity and purpose. Working with BDB Pitmans has been a delight, and their enthusiastic and responsive team has made this partnership a huge success. 

The various initiatives, from the monthly photo competition to supporting us at the Cambridge Half Marathon and sponsoring personalised running vests, not only raised vital funds for IWF but significantly increased awareness of our cause. Their offer of office space, expertise, and resources went beyond financial support, exemplifying their commitment and loyalty to our partnership. 

The IWF is grateful for the positive impact on our organisation and we look forward to potential future collaborations. 

Charity of the Year partners support us by raising vital funds and spreading the word about our vital work, find out how to get involved here.