Working together to stop child sexual abuse online

Kate Moss, Head of Fundraising


The need to combat child sexual abuse material remains as high as ever, which is why we are proud to announce the launch of the IWF Fundraising Team, a significant milestone that demonstrates our unwavering determination to eradicate online child sexual abuse. 

As the Head of Fundraising, my mission is to strengthen IWF’s resources, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve in detecting and combating illegal content. 

Our new fundraising team is not just an administrative addition but a strategic move to encourage the support of individuals, grant funders, Members and organisations who share our vision for a safer internet. By creating a community of supporters, we aim to establish a financial foundation that sustains our critical work to find and remove online child sexual abuse imagery. 



Why fundraise? 

The IWF is a not-for-profit child protection organisation and we know how important it is to diversify our financial base. Protecting children is at the heart of everything we do, and as the digital landscape is dynamic, our ability to adapt and respond swiftly depends on the flexibility that comes from having diverse sources of funding.  

Fundraising support enables us to innovate, expand our reach, invest in cutting-edge technologies, provide a unique range of services to our Members, run crucial communications campaigns, provide a duty of care and wellbeing programme to our analysts, and be agile enough to keep up with ever-evolving digital threats, such as AI.  



The power of collaboration 

We are appealing to individuals, grant funders, trust and foundations, and corporate organisations to join us in our mission. Your support is not just an investment in IWF, it is a commitment to detect, disrupt, remove, and prevent online child sexual abuse. We can work together to help create an internet free from child sexual abuse. 

I urge you to consider the role you can play in shaping our ability to protect the vulnerable and build a safer internet for future generations. We want to build unique partnerships, develop and grow local and national opportunities and work together in collaboration. Whether an individual donor, grant funder or corporate partner, your involvement is critical. See here how you can support us today!

Donate now

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