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We are the UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content and work with the internet industry, police and international partners to get it removed. Reports to the IWF are confidential and can be submitted anonymously. Your report to the Hotline may help to trace and rescue a young victim from further abuse.
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We take reports on child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world. This includes images depicting erotic posing; solo masturbation by a child; non-penetrative or penetrative sexual activity involving children or both children and adults; or sadism or penetration of or by an animal. Reports to the IWF are accepted as reports to a relevant authority in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding Between the Crown Prosecution Service and the Association of Chief Police Officers. Click here for details of the relevant laws and here for the image assessment levels set by the Sentencing Guidelines Council.
We take reports on UK-hosted non-photographic visual depictions of the sexual abuse of children, such as computer-generated images. Prohibited images must be pornographic, grossly offensive, and focus on a child's genitals or depict sexual activity involving or in the presence of a child. For more information please click here.
We take reports regarding UK-hosted criminally obscene adult content that may be considered to "deprave and corrupt" those exposed to it. This could include realistic images of extreme pornography such as bestiality, necrophilia or an act which is life-threatening. For more information please click here.

Note: If your report does not fall into any of these categories you could visit www.ceop.police.uk/report-abuse Opens in New Window or see our useful links section.

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