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  1. The IWF partners with the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children to launch portal to report child sexual abuse material

    The IWF partners with ICMEC to launch portal that allows anyone, anywhere to report child sexual abuse material online.

  2. IWF partners with MTN, Meta, ICMEC and Child Helpline International on a vital child sexual abuse awareness campaign and launches Africa portal to help prevent the spread of child sexual abuse material online

    This new campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the gradual increase of child sexual abuse material and how it can be reported by the public in target countries.

  3. Our international work

    How we work internationally to tackle online child sexual abuse imagery at a global scale.

  4. Reporting portals

    Reporting Portals, from the Internet Watch Foundation, offer a country-specific mechanism for reporting online child sexual abuse imagery.

  5. Case Study: Reporting portal and takedown notice in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian portal shows the importance of international cooperation with our law enforcement colleagues.

  6. African Partnership to End Violence Against Children

    The IWF and The African Partnership to End Violence Against Children worked together to raise awareness about online and offline child sexual abuse.

  7. Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

    The End Violence Partnership has supported many of IWF’s projects, including the Reporting Portals project and the reThink chatbot project. Both tools are making the internet safer for all users.

  8. Case Study: the Moroccan portal launched in record time

    The Morocco reporting portal launched on Safer Internet Day 2021 (9 February), celebrating the international efforts and best practice to make the internet safer for all, and especially for children.

  9. The International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

    Alongside ICMEC, we are building capacity around child online protection internationally with capacity building events and the launch of IWF reporting portals.

  10. Awareness campaign in Zambia and Uganda

    Major IWF campaign to help boost child welfare and internet safety in Uganda and Zambia.

  11. Case study: Multi-institutional portal project in Tunisia

    The IWF Reporting Portal in Tunisia shows the importance of working with multiple partners to efficiently fight against child sexual abuse material.

  12. International partnerships

    The IWF is one of the most effective hotlines in the world at removing child sexual abuse imagery from the internet, but this has only been possible thanks to the key international partnerships.