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  1. Our live-streaming report: The case studies

  2. Where to report non child sexual abuse

    A list of where to report some of the other types of harmful content you may see online.

  3. UK Safer Internet Centre public report released

  4. Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) forward planning date

  5. Everton FC team up with UK Safer Internet Centre in a first for British football

  6. Tunisia takes ‘major step’ in global fight against online child sexual abuse material

    A new IWF portal will, for the first time, give people in Tunisia a safe and anonymous place to report illegal videos and images.

  7. Portal to call out child sexual abuse material in Kenya ‘could lead to the rescue of a young victim’

    The Kenyan public will now have a safe and anonymous place to report suspected images and videos of children suffering sexual abuse.

  8. Taskforce will stop millions of the most severe child sexual abuse images and videos being shared online

    A specialised new team will take ‘digital fingerprints’ of millions of images so companies and organisations around the world can spot them and have them removed.

  9. Call for Guatemalan people to 'denounce' online child sexual abuse as new portal launches

    The IWF worked alongside the Ministerio Público o Fiscalía General, (Public Prosecutor’s Office), to set up the portal, with extra support from the Office Against Child trafficking of Guatemala and crucial help from UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

  10. New Moroccan portal will play ‘crucial’ role in fighting ‘plague’ of child sexual abuse on the internet

    ‘The launch of the IWF Reporting Portal in Morocco constitutes a safe, easily accessible and efficient way to contribute to the eradication of this plague that threatens children behind their screens.’

  11. Kenyan reporting portal to play 'huge role' in improving global internet safety

    "Child online protection is a shared responsibility".

  12. IWF has record month as public reports of child sexual abuse surge

    IWF analysts have seen accelerating numbers of public reports of child sexual abuse, with more people staying and working from home among contributing factors.