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  1. Twitter and IWF boost international online safety campaign for parents to support child safety during lockdown

    The series of videos was created in collaboration with five governments, six companies and numerous NGOs within a two-week period.

  2. Today (December 14) the Joint Committee published its report on the Government’s draft Online Safety Bill

    The report acknowledges the IWF plays a central role in this area, and said the Government needs to provide more clarity about how Ofcom will work with organisations like the IWF.

  3. ‘Ofcom and Government should not reinvent the wheel’ - IWF stands ready to help regulator stamp out online child sexual abuse material

    The Government must now act on the Committee’s recommendations to make sure this legislation brings in the strong and effective safeguards we need to keep children safe online.

  4. UK Safer Internet Centre

    The Internet Watch Foundation partners with Childnet International and SWGfL in the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC).

  5. So socking simple

    IWF wants to help young people stay safe online by making sure you know what to do if you accidentally see sexual images or videos of someone you think might be under 18.