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  1. Woman ‘trusted’ online predator who viewed child sexual abuse on her daughter’s computer

    Experts warn that 1% of the entire male population could be ‘interested in sex with prepubescent children’.

  2. 'There is a real child in every image, and every image is a crime scene': An analyst's story

    IWF analyst 'Lucy' spoke to the BBC about her work tracking down and fighting against online child sexual abuse.

  3. Our podcast

    Our podcast tells the story of online child sexual abuse through the words of victims, the people fighting to eradicate it, police, tech companies and even, perpetrators.

  4. Pixels from a Crime Scene: Woman who was sexually abused as a child ‘sickened’ that images of her abuse may still being shared by predators

  5. Pixels from a Crime Scene: Fears new generation of young British men is driving demand for videos and images of child sexual abuse

  6. Behind the Scenes of Pixels from a Crime Scene