We work in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government, and international Hotlines and partners to minimise the availability of criminal online content, specifically:

  • Child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world.
  • Criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK.
  • Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK.

The IWF is funded by the EU and Member organisations from the online industry, including internet service providers (ISPs), mobile operators, content  providers, hosting providers, filtering companies, search providers, trade associations and the financial sector. We work together to ensure UK networks provide a hostile environment for hosting child sexual abuse images and to protect UK internet users from inadvertent exposure to such content..

Industry self-regulation and multi-stakeholder partnership is at the core of the IWF’s model, operations and success.

We work with UK government to influence initiatives developed to combat online abuse and this dialogue goes beyond the UK and Europe to promote greater awareness of global issues, trends and responsibilities. We work nationally and internationally with a range of organisations and stakeholders to encourage united global responses to the problem and wider adoption of good practice in combating child sexual abuse images on the internet.

Our donors provide us with a range of services.

Please note: The IWF uses the term child sexual abuse content to accurately reflect the gravity of the images we deal with. Please note that child pornography, child porn and kiddie porn are not acceptable terms. The use of such language acts to legitimise images which are not pornography, rather, they are permanent records of children being sexually exploited and as such should be referred to as child sexual abuse images. If you see such content online please report it to the IWF.  

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