URL List

The IWF URL List is a list of webpages where we have located images and videos of child sexual abuse.

This list is made available to IWF Members so they can block access to these webpages while we are working to have them removed from the internet.

Being an IWF Member and actively using the IWF’s URL List  to block access to webpages depicting child sexual abuse is a requirement  for any internet service provider wanting to provide services to government departments as well as wanting to be accredited as a ‘Friendly Wifi’. 

How to use it

Block access at network level:

The List can be used to block access to known webpages with child sexual abuse content at network level while we are working to have them removed from the internet.

Include in filtering solutions:

Our URL List can be included in filtering solutions so you can protect your customers from accidentally accessing these pages.

Prevent indexing by search engines:

Search providers can use the List to stop these pages from being indexed and therefore not showing up in search results. 

Why choose the IWF URL List?

  • Updated twice daily: The IWF URL List is updated twice a day. New content is added as our analysts find it and the webpages are removed from the list when the criminal content has been removed.
  • Quality assurance: All webpages on the URL List have been manually assessed by our analysts. We want you to be 100% confident in the content of our list.
  • Global: All images are graded according to UK Sentencing Council and are categorised to support greater international use.
  • Actively searching: We are the only hotline in the world who is actively seeking images. So we are finding more content than anyone else. We also conduct research to further develop our expertise.
  • Funding the solution: We are a not for profit organisation working to remove child sexual abuse content from the internet. Join a global network of industry partners to fund the solution. 

Who can use it?

The IWF URL List can be used under licence by IWF Members.  Companies who will benefit include:

  •  Internet service providers;
  •  Filtering providers;
  •  Search providers;
  •  Internet security providers;
  •  Hosting service providers;
  •  Hardware manufactures.


During 2015:

  • The list was sent across all seven continents.
  • A total of 62,088 unique URLs were included on the list in 2015.
  • On average, 251 new URLs were added each day.
  • The list contained an average of 1,330 URLs per day.

Contact us

Contact us today to discuss your IWF URL List requirements: Email members@iwf.org.uk or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30

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