Newsgroup Services

Our team of expert analysts has a systematic process for monitoring the content of newsgroups and for issuing takedown notices for individual postings where child sexual abuse content has been identified.

Our ability to actively search for child sexual abuse images and videos includes content in newsgroups. Newsgroups are forums on the Usenet service which are used to discuss specific topics. Some newsgroups carry binary files including images and videos and these are what is assessed by our analysts. We know that just one newsgroup can contain/lead to thousands of images.

Our Technical Researcher, Sarah Smith says: “One Newsgroup Alert will often contain details of multiple posts containing child sexual abuse content. In 2015, we sent 448 Newsgroup Alerts which resulted in the removal of over 20,000 individual child sexual abuse images and videos.”

Why choose the IWF Newsgroup Service?

  • Direct Alerts: We will send you direct alerts of child sexual abuse content hosted in newsgroup services so you can remove it.
  • Updated monthly: Newsgroups that regularly contain child sexual abuse content are monitored on a monthly basis and we will recommend you don’t carry these.
  • Quicker removal: As an IWF Member we will be able to contact you quicker if we find criminal content on your services which will allow you to remove the content quicker.
  • Actively searching: We are the only hotline in the world who is actively searching for these images in order to remove them. Therefore we are finding more content than anyone else. We also conduct research to further develop our expertise.

Who can use it?

Our Newsgroup Service is available to companies who provide the following services:

  •  Newsgroups;
  •  Parental control software;
  •  Network security solutions;
  •  Newsgroups;
  •  Online payments.

Contact us

Contact us today to discuss your IWF Newsgroup Service requirements:Email or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

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