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IWF Brand Guidelines

For the Use of IWF Brand Features

Section 1: Introduction

Helping to raise our profile

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) encourages and welcomes the use of our Brand Features (as defined below), by its Member companies and other reputable partners and organisations. By displaying our name, logo, advertising, videos, designs, screen shots, and other information you can help us to raise our profile, support our campaigns, and raise awareness of our public Hotline, operations and our self-regulatory partnership approach.

Protecting our brand

We also need to be careful about protecting the reputation of our organisation and this includes the use of our Brand Features or other content which demonstrates an association with us. Therefore our Brand Features can only be used in ways that follow these guidelines.

Section 2: Brand features

List of features

IWF Brand Features (“Brand Features”) refers to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) name, logo, trademarks, designs, videos, advertisements, screen shots, information about the organisation, or other content which identifies the IWF or which clearly demonstrates an association with the IWF.

Using Our Logos

IWF logos must be used in accordance with the IWF Logo Reproduction Guide (PDF 398KB) which explains the exclusion zone (clearance requirements), font and colour (which we may update from time to time).Our logos must not appear in a manner that in any way indicates to viewers of the web page, or other medium, that IWF endorses the products, services, or information provided by you or third parties. Any use of our logo, as with any Brand Feature, is subject to these guidelines.

Producing press releases, advertising, other public communications

Any press release which features details of your association with or membership of the IWF, includes any details of our work or any of our Brand Features, must be approved by IWF in writing, (approval in writing includes via email exchange) prior to its publication and is also subject to these guidelines.

Ways IWF Brand Features must not be used or presented:

  • In a manner that suggests that the content which surrounds or is associated with the Brand Features, whether written, graphical or otherwise, has been authored by, approved by, or represents the views or opinions of the IWF, or any IWF employees or affiliates;
  • In any manner that implies an inaccurate relationship or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by the IWF;
  • In a manner that is misleading, defamatory, libellous, obscene, infringes any of the terms of these guidelines (or any other licenses, contracts, codes of practice, or agreements to which the IWF is subject or which it undertakes to comply with), or is otherwise objectionable to the IWF;
  • As part of a name of a productor service of a company other than the IWF;
  • In a manner that infringes, derogates, dilutes, or impairs the rights of the IWF;
  • On any website or other medium that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol or other inappropriate content, in the IWF’s sole opinion;
  • On a website or other medium that violates any law, code of practice or regulation;
  • In connection with any material that infringes the intellectual property rights, or other rights, of any third party.

Things you must not do when using our Brand Features:

  • Frame or mirror any IWF web page (including the page that appears in response to a click on our logo or search box);
  • Remove, distort or alter any element of an IWF Brand Feature except with our explicit prior written permission to do so;
  • Remove, alter or hide any copyright, trade mark or other similar notices that appear within Brand Features;
  • Sub-licence, assign or transfer in any way any of the rights of use under these guidelines on a temporary or permanent basis to any third party without the prior explicit written permission of the IWF.

What the IWF may do at any time:

  • In its sole discretion, terminate or modify any organisation’s rights under these guidelines, or require them to remove, change or otherwise modify their use of the Brand Features;
  • Request that any use of IWF Brand Features is accompanied by appropriate notices which identify the IWF as the owner/supplier/licensor of the Brand Feature.

Our Intellectual Property Rights

The IWF is the owner or licensor of all copyrights and related rights, database rights, design rights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, goodwill, rights in reputation, rights in undisclosed or confidential information  and other rights of a like nature (whether registered or unregistered) and all applications for such rights as may exist anywhere in the world and all other rights in the Brand Features and nothing under these guidelines shall serve to transfer ownership of any such rights to you.

General rules

  • The Brand Features and all intellectual property rights therein are owned by (or licensed to) the IWF and any goodwill accruing from your use of the Brand Features shall be owned by the IWF;
  • To use IWF Brand Features you agree to comply with these guidelines in full which may be updated from time to time, and with any instructions or directions which the IWF may issue regarding the use of Brand Features from time to time.

Section 3: Specific information for different types of organisations

IWF Member Companies

The public, political and international profile of the IWF is increasing and there is interest from many sectors in our work. This is an opportunity for our Members to associate themselves with an effective and widely supported self-regulatory partnership approach to combating criminal online content within our remit.

We work to raise public, media and stakeholder awareness of this work and of our Members’ support. For example, we feature your company logo and details of your support on our website, in our annual reports, in presentations and through other positive communications channels.

Reciprocally, we encourage our Members to publicise their support of the IWF by making extensive and ongoing use of our Brand Features on their website and elsewhere. A full multimedia suite with a range of logos, online advertising, electronic literature and other features is available in the Secure Members’ Area of our website to enhance IWF details on your website, promote our Hotline to the public, and otherwise support our efforts to raise awareness of our work.

IWF member companies are permitted to make use of IWF Brand Features pursuant to these guidelines and in signing an IWF member agreement or license you are agreeing to use IWF Brand Features pursuant to these guidelines.

IWF Member Companies: Splash pages

The UK internet industry helps prevent accidental exposure to indecent images of children by blocking access to a list of specific URLs provided by the IWF. Many companies have chosen to make use of this list to protect their customers, namely, internet service providers, mobile operators, search providers, and filtering companies.

For transparency purposes, the IWF recommends a splash page (landing page) is displayed in response to a blocked internet request for a URL on the IWF URL list, however it is important that the content and application of such splash pages is accurate. Therefore, any such page which differs from the recommended text below and which makes any reference to the IWF or is considered by the IWF to imply an association with the IWF, such as by referring to a ‘blocking initiative’ or a ‘list of child sexual abuse websites/URLs’, must be explicitly approved in advance and in writing by IWF.This includes any splash page displayed or used by an IWF Member company, by an IWF URL list licensee, or by any permitted Member affiliate, sub-contractor, or international affiliate of a multinational IWF Member company.

Any such splash page must never be displayed in response to an internet request for any specific URL which is not exactly replicated in the IWF’s current list and must not be displayed for any blocked internet request at the domain level when that entire domain is not on the IWF’s current list.

Any such splash page must not link to the IWF website or provide IWF contact details or imply that the IWF can in any way be held accountable or liable for any deployment of the URL list for blocking purposes bythe service provider concerned.

These requirements are explained in more detail in the blocking technical guidelines.

The IWF recommends that the following text is used on such a splash page (this text may not link to the IWF website under any circumstances):


Access has been denied by your internet access provider because this page may contain indecent images of children as identified by the Internet Watch Foundation.

Deliberate attempts to access this or related material may result in you committing a criminal offence. 
The consequences of accessing such material are likely to be serious. People arrested risk losing their family and friends, access to children (including their own) and their jobs.

Stop it Now! can provide confidential and anonymous help to address concerning internet behaviour. They have helped thousands of people in this situation.

0808 1000 900 | | Opens in New Window

If you think this page has been blocked in error please contact <your service provider> or visit our Content Assesment Appeal Process page.
For those wishing to address inadvertent access there is the option to add:

"If you did not intend to view this content, please close your browsers now. You can also anonymously report any potentially illegal content to the Internet Watch Foundation here."


IWF Members’ associates (including permitted affiliates, subsidiaries, sub-contractors, operating companies, and international affiliates of a multinational IWF Member company)

All such organisations require explicit prior written permission from the IWF to use IWF Brand Features or other content which clearly demonstrates an association with the IWF; this permission is entirely at the IWF’s discretion, and IWF reserves the right to deny such requests in part or in full. Any association with an IWF Member company in no way implies permission to use our Brand Features. Any subsequent permission from IWF to use our Brand Features or demonstrate an association with our work must be pursuant to these Guidelines.

IWF partners and reputable stakeholder organisations

IWF partners, stakeholders and other reputable organisations require explicit prior written permission from the IWF to use our Brand Features;this permission is likely to be granted in full, subject to these guidelines.

Non-member commercial organisations

Commercial organisations who are not IWF Members require explicit prior written permission from the IWF to use IWF Brand Features; this permission is entirely at the IWF’s discretion, and IWF reserves the right to deny such requests in part or in full. It is unlikely, for example, that a company operating in the internet or technology sector but which is not an IWF Member and is therefore not directly supporting our work, would be granted permission to use our logo or Brand Features or to display any information associated with the IWF which may suggest a relationship to us.

Section 4: Useful links

These pages on IWF’s website ( detail the core aspects of our work and should be useful in describing our organisation, our role, and our operations.

Section 5: Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or your use of any Brand Features in accordance with these guidelines then please contact the IWF Communications team by email

Report here