Game on: An internet twist on sex & relationships

Visual game On

Unique educational workshops for young people aged 11 - 24 tackling sexual behaviour in the online world. Proven. Realistic. Bespoke. Up-to-date. Age-appropriate.

What can young people learn?

  • Our workshops tackle inappropriate sexual behaviours in a young person’s online world.
  • We use real and current examples that young people can relate to.
  • We provide a practical, common-sense approach to relationships, sex and online safety.
  • We help young people understand the laws around the age of consent in comparison to viewing or sharing sexual images of under 18s.
  • Game On participants will feel empowered to be part of a solution, rather than part of a problem.

We can help you address: 

  • Sexting and the law 
  • Pestering for photographs
  • Sharing intimate pictures and videos 
  • The consequences of sharing images 
  • Consent – what does it mean and no means no
  • Technology and risk
  • What’s appropriate and what’s legal 
  • Bullying vs banter
  • Revenge porn
  • Sextortion
  • Viewing pornography online
  • Child sexual abuse imagery and reporting it.

Game On is compatible with the Government’s personal, social, health and education (PSHE), and relationship and sex education (RSE) requirement in English secondary schools as identified on 1 March, 2017. It also supports the safeguarding arrangements and policies of leading football and sports clubs.

Game On is delivered to sports clubs by the education and online safety specialist Andy Wood for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre. We’re passionate about safeguarding children. These are not-for-profit, unique, workshops.

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