IWF News

08 December 2016
The American Internet Domain Name Registry Donuts Inc. has joined IWF Membership.
01 December 2016
The latest company to join Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Membership is Diladele B. V.
23 November 2016
XS News joins IWF Membership and keeps its customers safe with IWF services.
15 November 2016
Treze Technology's forum nobullying.com helps children, students, teachers and many more everyday to stop bullying - online and offline.
28 October 2016
IWF's Technical Projects Officer Harriet has been shortlisted for the Rising Star of the Year award.
21 October 2016
The IWF Image Hash List has won a top technology award.
21 October 2016
The IWF Image Hash List is a total game-changer in the fight against online child sexual abuse imagery. Today, the Hash List has been launched globally.
21 October 2016
The IWF is marking 20 years of eliminating child sexual abuse imagery online.
28 September 2016
Opendium Ltd has joined IWF membership to strengthen its filtering systems.
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